Why we are here

At Bereavement Matters we know that it truly does matter

From how we react and cope following a bereavement, to how we think or not, about our own deaths.

It is often a difficult subject and theres not often a good time to start the conversation and who do you have it with ?

Regardless of faith or religion our team go into our community and hold informal, question and answer chats, addressing dying, death and funerals. We ask you to arrange the venue and date with us and we do the rest.

It could be the library, Church, Village Hall, WI meetings or anywhere you think we could help.

Death and dying is a fundamental fact of life, these chats get people thinking.

We can discuss practicalities and planning.

At the moment we are covering the Warrington area but this is expanding all the time.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.