Bereavement Matters

Bereavement Matters

Death is the one certain thing in all of our lives. It is an understandably difficult subject to broach. Is there ever a good time to talk about your own or a loved ones death ?

It is a subject we tend to only tackle when it happens.

It can help to talk and discuss in a relaxed informal setting. Our team can dispel myths and help you plan. Putting a plan in place can give you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out and the the loved ones you leave have all the instructions in place so they can simply put your plans in place.

If you have specific wishes you can fill in the online form on Houghtons web site, so when the time comes Houghtons can carry out your wishes, be sure to let your loved ones know you have done this so they know to come to Houghtons.

You can plan further and have a pre payment plan in force, so the costs of your funeral are covered, contact Houghtons for more details of the plans available.