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When someone dies, information to help

Practical Information.



Losing a loved one can be traumatic and life changing.

Making the first call can be very difficult especially finding the courage to share with someone the tragic series of events. Please remember that with Houghtons you have friends who will listen, not judge, empathise and help in any way we can. From the first call you will be put at ease by someone who cares and is experienced in helping families who have suddenly found themselves in similar situations. At all times we respect that our conversations can be sensitive, sometimes emotional and always private.

Practical Information.

In the first few days you must do the below three things.

Get a medical certificate, you get this from the GP or hospital.

Register the death, if the death has been reported to the Coroner, you can't register the death until the Coroner gives permission . Here is a link to the UK Government website to guide you through this and the documents you will need. We can help you with this. Arrange the funeral.

There are certain circumstances whereby the Doctor may report the death to the Coroner.

  • The medical certificate is not available
  • The cause of death is unknown
  • The death was unnatural or violent
  • The person had not been seen by the Doctor who signed the medical certificate within fourteen days before death
  • The person had not visited the Doctor during this final illness
  • The death occurred during an operation or before the person came out of anaesthetic
  • If the medical certificate suggests the death may have been due to an industrial disease or poisoning.

The Coroner might decide the cause of death is clear, if so :

  • The doctor signs a medical certificate
  • You take the medical certificate to the registrar
  • The Coroner issues a certificate to the registrar stating a post-mortem isn't required

If a post-mortem is deemed necessary by the Coroner, to find out the cause of death, it will be carried out at the hospital or mortuary. Once completed the Coroner can release the body. The Coroner may decide an inquest is needed if the cause of death is still unknown.

You can't register the death until after the inquest. The Coroner sends all the relevant paperwork to the registrar

Arrange the funeral.

Contact your chosen Funeral Director, Houghtons can guide you through everything.

The fees include Funeral directors fees, disbursements, local authority burial or cremation fees.

The funeral can be paid for by a financial shame or plan taken out by the deceased, money from the persons estate or you or other family members.

If you need any advice regarding pre-paid funeral plans Houghtons can guide you.